Hungarian Heritage Month

Hungarian heritage month is designated for the Hungarian refugees that arrived in Canada in 1956 where Canada welcomed over 37,000 Hungarians, Hungarian Heritage month is always a reminder for Hungarians to remember that moment of the period that their ancestors had to experience.


Hungarian Heritage Month was created to recognize the incredible and innumerable contributions of Ontarians of Hungarian descent and celebrate the history, existence, integration and contributions of the Hungarian people within Ontario. This ultimate month long celebration of Hungarian culture is about building bridges, connections and making friendships. Hungarian Heritage Month showcases traditional Hungarian live performances, music, dance and a taste of our gastronomy that allows Canadian Hungarians to share their culture with other Canadians.

Famous Hungarians in Ontario

In the past 188 years, many Hungarians have made Ontario their home and tried to give back to Canada’s finest province by working hard and using their skills. Therefore, the aim of Hungarian Heritage Month in Ontario in October is to show the community’s history and present.

Putting the spotlight on the people whose work extended beyond Toronto and even Canada.

About Hungary

Hungary has a big history including wars, agreements and political recessions. However, up to this time Hungary has been tremendously successful in stability and political performance.

Sounds of Hungary

Hungarian music is diverse and has historical connections to other countries. Folk to rock to pop music, Hungary has it all, explore culture by listening to music and how it relates to other European countries.